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Meet The Duchenne Program
at UMass Chan Medical School

Summer 2018, we launched our most ambitious project yet: The Duchenne Program at UMass Chan Medical School. The product of years of research, The Duchenne Program is a world-class medical clinic that both plays a critical role in advancing therapeutic development and pioneering — and delivering — advancements in care.


We envision a world where ultimately therapeutic advancements have eliminated Duchenne. In the meantime, we also aim to help guys like Charley live longer, healthier lives right now. Four years ago, we launched a project that brings these two goals and two decades of progress powered by your support together under one roof: The Duchenne Program. This interdisciplinary clinic — the only one of its kind in the Northeast — is 100% focused on helping kids and young adults with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It is a novel model for modern times where physicians collaborate to provide integrated, personalized care for every patient while advancing research to help develop new treatments. It’s a place where families from all over the world come for best-in-class comprehensive care, a positive outlook, and opportunities to participate in clinical trials for potentially life-changing new medicines. It is the product of collaborative organizations coming together to make an ambitious but critical endeavor possible — and also our final step at Charley’s Fund to ensure that the historic progress you helped spur endures.

Today, The Duchenne Program directly serves 400 families from all over the globe and offers comprehensive care, 24/7 for newborns to adults. Its impact, however, extends far beyond those families who enter its brick and mortar walls, as clinic director Dr. Brenda Wong and team carve new paths in care innovation and host a bustling slate of cutting-edge clinical trials.

Visit the clinic’s website to learn more.