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Introducing Small Kids BIG Change badges!

By September 22, 2019October 1st, 2019Fundraising Ideas

Are you participating in this year’s Small Kids. BIG Change! program? Get excited — we’ve got something new for you! Introducing: SKBC Badges! Collect them all as you make BIG change for Charley.

How it works:

1) Start fundraising and earn badges as you go. Check out the badges you can earn below.
2) Earn a badge? Hooray! Email Stuart at to let him know. He’ll add it to your page.
3) Keep your eyes peeled — We’ll be releasing new badges over the course of the campaign… Check back here and look out for email alerts!
4) Celebrate! You’re making BIG change.

2019 BIG Change Badge:

Get your 1st badge by just participating and setting up your online fundraising page!


Lighting Fast Fundraiser:

Receive your first donation in the first 7 days of the campaign to get this exclusive badge.


Sidewalk Superhero:

Lemonade stand, tag sale, bake sale – earn a separate badge for them all!



Email Expert:

With parents’ help, send an email to friends & family. Post to social media for an additional badge!


Grassroots Guru:

Receive donations from multiple donors and get a badge when you hit 3, 5, 10 and more!


BIG Change Bestie:

The more kids involved the more change we make for Charley. Invite your friends!


BIG Raiser:

Earn more badges the more you raise for research. $50, $100, $500, & beyond!


Keeping it Creative:

Use your imagination! Earn badges for doing something fun and DIFFERENT!



Check back soon for more badges you can earn while making BIG change!