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Ari Silverman

By May 31, 2014October 31st, 2016Hall of Fame

Ari Silverman of New York City became a bar mitzvah in May 2014.  At the service, Ari explained his commitment to Charley’s Fund.  “Since I was a young boy, I have been good friends with Charley Seckler, who is here today. Charley is so fun, so smart and so strong. He became a Bar Mitzvah just a few weeks ago. He also has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which is a severe degenerative disease, for which we are desperately seeking a cure. His parents started Charley’s Fund to defeat this disease. This is an example of just a few courageous people, Charley and his family, acting against great adversity. Charley’s Fund is now making a life-saving difference. I am donating a big portion of my Bar Mitzvah gifts to Charley’s Fund. This act of Tzedakah, one of G-d’s commandments, is to help my good friend.”  The very next day Ari went online and made a hefty donation to help us fund the development of new treatments for Duchenne.  Mazel Tov Ari and thank you for your generous support!