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A Fallen Solider

By February 5, 2016October 30th, 2016Tracy's Blog

I feel crushed to have learned that the boy in the HT-100 trial who was recently hospitalized has died.

We do not yet know the details of why this boy lost his life. A thorough investigation is underway to find out. But there are some things we do know. We know this family raised their hands to help find safe and effective treatments for our boys. We know they didn’t sit and wait for Duchenne to take over. We know they were ready and willing to fight.

This boy and his family volunteered to serve on the front line in the war against Duchenne. I wish we had a Purple Heart for Duchenne warriors, so we could honor his bravery and willingness to bring an end to the brutal enemy that, to date, has taken every one of its victims.

Today I feel overwhelming sadness. But I pray with all my heart that his life strengthens our fight and helps lead the way to ultimate victory. That will be the most significant way to honor his bravery.

For those seeking more information, Akashi has posted it here.