Fatten our Monthly Check in One Simple Step!

By December 23, 2014October 30th, 2016Tracy's Blog

When it comes to computers, I hate to learn new tricks. When Facebook came on the scene several years ago, I had zero patience to sit still while my kids taught me how to set up a profile and connect with friends and supporters. I did have time to make fun of the social networking site and everyone who used it! But my defense mechanism only lasted so long. Like many others, I soon felt so out of it that I succumbed. But it wasn’t easy for me to learn, and I still have no idea who exactly sees what when I post things.

That is why I’ve been hesitant to exhort our friends and supporters to start using Amazon Smile, which lets you shop like usual on Amazon but directs a portion of your purchase price to the charity of your choice. I figured if you’re at all like me, at best you’ll glaze over at the request. At worst, you’ll be annoyed that I’m bugging you to do stupid stuff that you’re not gonna do.

But I can’t hold my tongue any longer. Amazon Smile is so easy to use that I got myself up and running (without the help of a teenager!!) in less than a minute. It’s just one simple step that results in continuous donations to Charley’s Fund. So let me hold your hand…

Here’s what you do the next time you need to buy a TV, a pair of socks, or a 20-pack of KIND bars (isn’t it weird that we buy all that stuff from the same place nowadays?):
• Instead of going to www.amazon.com, type in www.amazonsmile.com.
• When you log in, everything you see there will be exactly the same as “regular Amazon.” Your account settings, your preferences, your order history – everything.
• The first time you log in, it will ask you what charity you want to support. Choose “Charleys Fund” (no apostrophe).
• From that moment on, every time you buy something we will receive .5% of that purchase. (You can change your charity any time but hopefully you won’t do that!)

It may not seem worth the trouble because you don’t shop much. But it definitely all adds up. Every month, Amazon Smile sends us a check. You can make that check bigger.

Just beware: if your kids are smart, they will use this as a ploy to get you to buy them stuff. Mine know to say “But pleeeeeze mom! It’s for a good cause!”