Letters from Supporters

By September 4, 2005October 30th, 2016Tracy's Blog

I must admit, the subject of this blog arises from dual motives, one completely legitimate and the other not so pure. Instead of crafting my own original entry, I am reprinting excerpts from letters I have received from friends and relatives. To come clean right away, I am utterly and thoroughly exhausted, which is one of the reasons I am letting others do the work for me today.

The other reason I am substituting my own writing for that of our supporters is because I want you all to know how moved we are by your kind words. These notes mean every bit as much to us as the checks that were enclosed in the envelopes. Thank you to every one of you who has taken the time to put an encouraging word to paper. You have no idea how much these letters inspire us to carry on. We keep them all, and take them out to read them every once in a while.

So thanks on two counts: for saving me the effort of coming up with an original blog entry, and for giving me a lasting gift that will continue to inspire us for as long as we are forced to fight this battle.

Aug. 24, 2005

Dear Benjamin and Tracy,

I’ve been reviewing my track record for wishes to come true. So far, I’ve been very good at it. Now, this is my latest wish. Within my lifetime, and I’m now 98, a cure for MD will be discovered and little Charley and others like him will be cured and able to live a long happy life.

All my love,


Aug. 8, 2005

Dear Tracy and Benjy,

I received your recent e-mail during a busy day at work. I stopped what I was doing to look through your website. As I focused on the picture of your three children, tears started rolling down my face as I considered your pain and the joy of what you might accomplish. God has put you and Charley on this earth to find a cure for DMD. Andrea and I are contributing $10,000 to your fight and praying for your success.

Much love,

Nick Chermayeff

April 12, 2005

Dear Tracy and Benjy,

My wife, Valerie, and I send you our hopes and wishes that your efforts for Charley will bring new effective treatments that will benefit Charley and other children afflicted with DMD. I am reminded that today is the 60th anniversary since the death of FDR. As you know he contracted polio and nearly died of the disease. When I was growing up polio was a mysterious infection with no cure and no way to prevent, except not to be in public places all summer. It was terrible for kids and their parents. And 50 years ago today, the Salk vaccine was officially recognized as an effective method to prevent polio. It was a miracle. Let us hope that with research new understanding may soon provide a cure for Charley.

Allen Hyman MD

Dear Tracy,

It is wonderful how much you have done for your amazing Charley. The research projects sound hopeful. The website is extremely well done. We just received your “update” letter. What a phenomenal tribute to you, your family, and most of all, Charley. To say he’s a trooper is the understatement of all time….

Please count on me/our family to pray for Charley and continue to help in any way we can. You are a real inspiration.

Warmest regards,

Cynthia Austrian Weber

And at the bottom of our monthly lawn-mowing bill:

Please make Aug. check out to Charley’s Fund in the name of Craig and Donna Faedi. Thank you and good luck.