Thanksgiving (in February)

By February 6, 2013November 27th, 2018Tracy's Blog

Of course I do the turkey thing in November like everyone else. But today I’m feeling like I need more days of giving thanks than just that one Thursday in November. As I scroll through the names of donors who contributed to our 2012/2013 annual appeal, I am overwhelmed by the show of support. To those who have given every year — year in and year out– THANK YOU! To those who came back after taking a hiatus, THANK YOU! To those who are new, THANK YOU! To those who told a friend about Charley’s Fund, THANK YOU!

And to those who are getting creative to leverage their own donations, THANK YOU! For the past two years, in addition to their direct support of the fund, NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation) has taken out has taken out several full, half and quarter page ads in the New York Law Journal and other trade publications to show their support of Charley’s Fund, including a huge smiling photo of Charley. This exposure lets the readership know about our fight against Duchenne. If you advertise in a trade journal or other publication, follow NAM’s lead and let your audience know about your support of Charley’s Fund!