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Samantha Ben-Ari

By October 31, 2015October 31st, 2016Hall of Fame

 Samantha Ben-Ari of New York City is only six years old, but she’s already firmly established herself as a selfless philanthropist. For her 5th and 6th birthdays, Samantha eschewed b-day gifts and instead requested donations to Charley’s Fund. When asked if she felt sad that her friends didn’t bring her a whole bunch of toys and goodies on her special day Samantha replied, “No because I want Charley to feel better.” Samantha encourages other kids to try asking for donations instead of gifts “because it’s nice and it makes you feel good.” And get this – Samantha sent US a thank you note, instead of the other way around! “Thank you for letting me do this for my birthday.” Sure thing, Samantha, any time!!!